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OKEEP is a connected bicycle helmet for urban areas. It is designed to bring you safety with style. Be seen with front & [...]


Tikku is a pair of connected musical sticks, that will allow you to generate the sound you imagined without any constrai [...]

CHIC has been a unique experience, giving me the opportunity to take away more than just a grade from a project at EPFL.

Florian Maushart - Team Fimi - CHIC 2015

CHIC is absolutely a fantastic experience for me. I learned much more than I expected, from technology to start-ups incubation, commercialisation, and even some manufacturing procedures... Also, we became good friends."

Ziyu Zhao - Team Dory - CHIC 2015

CHIC is the door to a world of opportunities!

Raffael Tschui - Team Dory - CHIC 2015

I wish every day could be as full of learning, challenge and fun as a day with CHIC

Florian Lemarignier - Team FiMi - CHIC 2015

I have discovered a new world and a range of exciting jobs that seemed either unreachable or that I had never imagined before CHIC

Florian Lemarignier - Team FiMi - CHIC 2015

CHIC is not only a semester project: it is a human and cultural experience

Dina Elikan - Team Vesta - CHIC 2015

CHIC was a combination of a large number of discoveries, making contacts, knowledge sharing, an extraordinary teamwork facing a number of surprises and obstacles. In short : challenging! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at this stage of my studies!

Mélanie Zufferey - Team Dory - CHIC 2015

While CHIC has challenged me as an engineer it has also challenged my understanding of what it needs to launch a product and particularly what incredible possibilities HK/China offers to young entrepreneurs.

Florian Maushart - Team Fimi - CHIC 2015





Todoo is the first watch specially designed for children with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) to help them to get on wi [...]


A low-priced & connected probe engineered for easy water level assessment.


We are protecting children from the risks linked to sun exposure thanks to a connected hat.


Hi ! As all the other teams, we’re 6 students from different background (Valérie, Pierre & Marc from EPFL, Erika [...]

People involved

Cédric Duchêne is an electrical engineer currently working as project engineer at the EPFL+ECAL Lab. He received his PhD in signal processing at Grenoble National Polytechnical Institute (INPG), France with a thesis focused on the signal processing occurring in human visual system. As postdoc at the EPFL he has conducted CTI-sponsored projects research on the analysis of atrial fibrillation ECG activity and gastro-intestinal motility. With the industrial partner Infrasurvey Sàrl in Switzerland, he has developed the UPhone©, an inductive radio system for voice transmission through rocks, earth, and snow up 50 meters, and the UGPS3©, a system enables to determine the positioning of an object or a person, 300 meters below the surface. His research interests are biomedical signal processing and micro-engineering. He has build-up the Electronic Maker Lab. He is in charge of teaching topics such, Practical Electronics, Internet of Things as well as wearable technologies at the ECAL.
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  • Cédric Duchêne

  • Senior Project Engineer EPFL+ECAL Lab