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By Jessica Miller November 2, 2018 Edition CHIC 2016-2017Discover Doha project

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Ukko, the god of sky and thunder, is arguably the most revered deity in Finnish mythology and folklore. Ancient Finns would pray to the old man of the skies for good weather or rain for the crops. Ukko was both respected and feared, as the god of the skies could easily turn the life-giving rain into a thunderstorm (Finnish: ukkonen), had he not been appeased.

Ukko storm-lapse takes you on a journey through remote and unspoilt Finnish lakes, wetlands and fells, where one can still witness the relentless and untameable forces of nature at play, unhindered by man’s comforts. Experience the storm as our ancestors did.

In ancient times people tended to the balance of nature with offerings to Ukko in hopes of favourable weather. Modern mankind, however, has long since forgotten this ancient balance, as we offer very little and take even more. We could learn a great deal from our ancestor’s relationship with nature.

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